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About me and blog

Hello everyone! I can’t permanently stay on one place, that’s why I had changed so many jobs up to now. On the pages of my blog I shared photos and my emotions from every country where I was.

I adore architecture, natural parks and traveling. I would rather pleased to answer for all your questions.

I was in Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Thailand

My International Experience

Member of the international student congress EGEA (European Geography Association) in the City Tussula, Finland (February 2010)


Member Intarnational Marine Practice in frame of TEMPUS eMaris project in Klaipeda, Lithuania (2-8 July 2012)


Member of the summer school «Open city — From landscape to exterior design» in the Milan Polytechnic University in Piacenza, Italy (8-26 September 2014)


Member Intarnational Scientific Conference SPbWOSCE 2014 in St. Petersburg, Russia (3-4 December 2014)


Member of the Youth Forum «Tauris» 2016 (change of young architects, designers and urbanists) in the Crimea, Russia (9-15 July 2016)


Member of the «TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign» 2016 in Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, Thailand (16-20 September 2016)

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